Increase Genuine Connection to Beat Stress

As small business owners, we are encouraged to find ways to create balance in our lives, be our best selves and beat stress. Sometimes I want to throw up my arms and say "Forgeddaboudit." Stress is inevitable, and I continue to try to come to terms with the fact..

How to Integrate Your Values into Your Brand Communication Plan

Recently, I found myself sitting on a patio in Milwaukee with a pitcher of beer, chatting with some folks who I consider both friends and colleagues about our social media strategies for our businesses. The discussion went down a road that I think is paralyzing..

On Using Your Connections and Your Time Wisely

Welcome to September! Real, post-Labor Day long weekend September... Back to school for the kids and back to the grindstone for us grown-ups. Summer hours have wound down and it's now time for all of us to refocus on business, whatever that means to us.

To inspired..

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