Finding Inspiration in the Irritating: 3 Ways to Turn Around a Customer Service Fail

As business owners and managers, one of the worst things to experience is a customer service fail. We spend so much time (and energy, and passion) putting processes in place, training our staff, and developing our product that when a customer complains our first..

Productivity Unplugged

Recently snowed-in with lingering deadlines and zero access to my life online, I had a minor melt-down.  As an over-achieving adult, a snow day doesn’t possess the same magic it once did as a kid – far from it.  Rather, a day unplugged was a gigantic inconvenience...

Marketing Tips from an 80-Year-Old

Yes, there was a time when marketing had an impact without social media and flashy websites – and, in many ways, it still should.  According to Florence Vanden Hogen, my 80-year-old-ish grandmother with a savvy business history, “Marketing is people.  It is..

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