Is It Valuable To Invest In Facebook Ads? Filament Weighs In

Why Content Should Be The Foundation of Your Online Marketing Plan

Many prospects come to us asking for help with social media marketing. We absolutely believe in the power of social, yet we try to get each business to think, first, about the foundation of their online presence: their website. Now more than ever, original content..

Growing Your Online Sales with Instagram Business

Having An Online Business May Seem Daunting...

But social media is making it easier than you’d think - and we can thank Instagram.

Does Social Media Really Grow Your Business?

Consider the potential business you're missing out on. According to Hubspot, “social media provides almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail or PPC.” 

Master Online Marketing For Your Small Business

Over the years, we've been able to observe what actions lead to the best online marketing results. Follow our simple tips below and you'll be on your way to mastering online marketing for your small business.

Making Sense of Social Media for your Business

When it comes to staying relevant, many of us know social media should be a part of our online strategy and yet - most businesses don't know which platforms to spend their resources.

The core values that we hold dear

As you grow your business, it's a good idea to get clear what your core values are, and how you'll implement them into the culture you're building. Recently, Katy and I took at day to reflect and really talk about which values we hold most dear, and how we want to..

Finding Inspiration in the Irritating: 3 Ways to Turn Around a Customer Service Fail

As business owners and managers, one of the worst things to experience is a customer service fail. We spend so much time (and energy, and passion) putting processes in place, training our staff, and developing our product that when a customer complains our first..

How to Integrate Your Values into Your Brand Communication Plan

Recently, I found myself sitting on a patio in Milwaukee with a pitcher of beer, chatting with some folks who I consider both friends and colleagues about our social media strategies for our businesses. The discussion went down a road that I think is paralyzing..

What Good Housekeeping Taught Me About Rebranding

I recently found myself at the makeup counter of a local drugstore, milling about while waiting on a friend. As I pawed through the impulse buy magazine rack I was struck by the cover of the most recent Good Housekeeping magazine.

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