[mindfulness] Kelly's Leadership Top 3 - October Edition

Kelly here! I'm slowing down and integrating more mindfulness into my life...or at least trying. I've been asking for podcast recommendations this month, so I've got a few new ones to share with you. I still find myself listening to a lot of business shows, yet,..

Productivity, Time Management, and Making More Money

Recently, I pulled the Filament team together for a day of goal-setting for Q3. I recognize that I’m an aggressive goal-setter and expect a lot from my team, so I pushed them outside of their comfort zone.

Large goals, Small goals, and how to accomplish them

One of the things I struggle with as a growth-focused business owner is how exactly to set goals, and how to get my team to set goals that are cohesive with the overall vision of our company. Recently, I sat down with my coach, Rebecca, and asked for some advice.

Rekindle Your Creativity this Month

One of Filament's core values is creativity:

Make Your Goals S.M.A.R.T. This Quarter

When you jump into owning your own business, time doesn't make sense anymore. When you're waiting on a check and your bank account is low, a few days feels like months. And then all of a sudden another quarter has passed, and you have no idea where those 90 days..

What do Meditation and Self-Regulation have to do with Business?

I am a believer in a purpose-filled life - I think people, books, and resources find me at exactly the right time to teach me what I need most. Two interesting interpretations of the same concept crossed my path today, which made me think it might be important - and..

Three TEDtalks That Make Us Feel a Little Bit Better About Life

In an effort to get more learning in, I've been focusing on multi-tasking - as I move my body on the treadmill, I'm using my TED app for entertainment. A few of my recent favorites may give a little bit too much insight into where my head is at - but I'm sure many..

Productivity Unplugged

Recently snowed-in with lingering deadlines and zero access to my life online, I had a minor melt-down.  As an over-achieving adult, a snow day doesn’t possess the same magic it once did as a kid – far from it.  Rather, a day unplugged was a gigantic inconvenience...

Leadership Priority #1: Filling Your Cup

The holidays are over, and we're in the full swing of the new year. Here at Filament, we've gone through the goal-setting process for 2016, and now we're running full-steam ahead: networking, client work, documenting processes, and converting prospects to clients..

Reinstating the Fundamentals of Time Management

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