Is It Valuable To Invest In Facebook Ads? Filament Weighs In

mindshine | That One Place

Filament recently had the privilege of hosting a musician, a former cop, and an ultimate frisbee athlete for an outdoor evening of mindshine. In Milwaukee, WI, being outside, in the spring air - there is really nothing like it. Everyone & everything comes to life...

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mindshine | Fostering

Our April mindshine guests dove right into the topic of Fostering - and, by golly, was it ever intense. Each guest chimed in with an interpretation that will leave you wishing you were at the table. Read on to hear what these amazing local fascinators had to say.

mindshine | Death, Dying & Are You Living

"Are you ready to play with the concept of Death, Dying & Are You Living?" This was the kick off question to Filament's March-themed mindshine. "It sounds like a great game of bar dice! Let's do it," our guests replied. Despite the light-heartedness, the topic was a..

mindshine | Hand Holding

Hand Holding. What does it mean to you? Our mindshine guests recently opened up on the topic over dinner and drinks, and was it ever interesting. Check it out.

mindshine | A Span of Seven Years

Let me preface. "A Span of Seven Years" was so involved, so intriguing, that we almost forgot to record the evening. Image by image, you can see the intensity captured throughout the night. Here is what our brilliant mindshine guests had to say about our January..

mindshine | That One Sound

This past December, six local possibilitarians were invited to mindshine on the topic of: That One SoundHere's a small glimpse into an evening of real connection, real women, and a real exchange of stories, ideas, and gregarious laughter.

mindshine | Nature Vs. Nurture

Twins separated at birth and reunited 30-years later. Being raised to eat everything on your plate. Gender neutral upbringing. The conversations surrounding Nature Vs. Nurture bounced from one to the next, and by the end of the night, everyone felt like they had..

mindshine | The Fear of Falling

Here at Filament, we understand that networking is a key component to business growth.  Unfortunately, mingling and schmoozing with new people at networking events can often feel impersonal – or dare we say, phony?  So, we put our creative caps on and came up with..

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