Internet Marketing Tips

The Basic Secrets to Creating Online Content Every Business Needs

"Throw everything you know about writing out the window." - Bella Grace

How to Create an Irresistible Online Offer That Generates Leads

When it comes to marketing your business online, it’s tough to know what’s relevant, what works, where to begin, and so on. Before you fall down the rabbit hole of internet marketing, here’s a tip: start somewhere. Where? Why not start by creating an online offer?

3 Ways to Get Results with Your Call to Action

Is there really a formula for having an exceptional Call to Action? Well, if you want to get results there is! In this blog, you’ll not only learn "3 Ways to Get Results with Your Call to Action,” you’ll have the chance to download a FREE E-Book with the secrets to..

4 Amazing Business Coaches + 1 Incredible Cause

Here at Filament, we believe in doing good in the community. We work hard to help our clients grow and build the local economy. And, we volunteer to support causes that we believe in. Right now, we're actively supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Man and..

3 Branding Tips You Can Learn From the Game of Basketball

Here at Filament, we're feeling the March Madness fever.  And, as online marketers and content creators, we're starting to see some unique comparisons when it comes to branding and basketball.  In both business and sport, if you want to be a winning success,  you’ve..

Milwaukee's Best Business Resources | The 2018 Filament Awards 

In the spirit of awards season, we’ve got some prestigious honors to hand out to some of our local peers. From wellness, to business coaching, to favorite caterer around, here is our list of the best Milwaukee business resources in town. Learn how these Milwaukee..

 Email Marketing 101: Up The Anticipation To Get More Opens

During awards season, people can hardly wait for the envelope to get opened. They're eager to find out who the winner is (and check out the expressions on the runners-up). The envelopes are under lock and key, and it's a truly special production when they are..

3 More Leadership Resources to Maximize Your Business

Kelly here! With 2018 fast approaching, I've found myself focused on a higher-level vision for next year. By stepping back and approaching the big picture first, I should be able to set realistic growth goals for myself and Filament. Here are a few tools that I'm..

How to Use SEO Marketing For Your Business

If you're a business owner, you've certainly seen the term "SEO" and you've been pitched about your need for SEO marketing. Yet, there's still a lot of confusion about this specific type of online marketing. Almost any business can gain traction online quickly with..

3 Leadership Resources to Help Grow Your Business

Kelly here! I'm slowing down and integrating more mindfulness into my life...or at least trying. I've been asking for podcast recommendations this month, so I've got a few new ones to share with you. I still find myself listening to a lot of business shows, yet,..

4 Ways To Leverage Your Blog and Online Content

You spend hours on well branded online content and blogs for your business. Then what? For many businesses, once it's posted on their website, it's never touched again. It doesn't make a lot of sense from either a cost or marketing standpoint, does it? Here, you'll..

1 Year Anniversary | mindshine Round Table Discussion

Hard to believe, but we've been hosting mindshine each month for a year.

And what a year it's been. We have so much gratitude for this experience:

Find Out If Its Valuable To Invest In Facebook Ads?


Leadership Resources That Will Make a Difference

Kelly here! I've got a few things on my mind this month, from being sick, to facing fear and remembering to CARE about the consumers we try to get in front of every day. I love learning, and sharing leadership resources, so my hope is that some of these will come in..

These Times They Are A Changin' | mindshine Round Table Discussion

It's August 15, 2017.

The topic for this month's mindshine was chosen long ago, and guests were invited well before the tragedy of Charlottesville came into play. Yet, we gathered only a couple of days after the impactful events in Virginia. The conversation around..

Why Content Should Be The Foundation of Your Online Marketing Plan

Many prospects come to us asking for help with social media marketing. We absolutely believe in the power of social, yet we try to get each business to think, first, about the foundation of their online presence: their website. Now more than ever, original content..

Make Sense Of Your Facebook Analytics

There's No Need To Be A Numbers Wiz To Master Analytics

A lot of our clients, and business owners in general are mystified by social media marketing - in particular - knowing how to analyze what is and isn't working. Facebook prides itself on being innovative, so..

3 Leadership Resources You Must Know About

Kelly here! This month, I've found (and revisited) a few interesting leadership resources to help me stay focused, be a better leader, and grow my business. Happy to share!

Choose Your Deadly Sin - mindshine Round Table Discussion

Seven Deadly Sins.

Sloth. Pride. Greed. Gluttony. Lust. Envy. Wrath. This month we asked our Milwaukee fascinators to choose their deadly sin, from the seven deadly sins, and tell us about it. We celebrated Tiffany’s birthday with a departure from our usual surprise..

Networking 101 - Grow Your Circle, Grow Your Business

Kelly here! In the last couple of years, I've taken on the role of "sales team" for Filament, and I've found that networking is my #1 referral source month after month. Interestingly, everyone that I talk to shares their distaste for having to go out and hit the..

Growing Your Online Sales with Instagram Business

Having An Online Business May Seem Daunting...

But social media is making it easier than you’d think - and we can thank Instagram.

That One Summer - minshine Round Table Discussion

This month, our cast of mindshine characters included six women with a lot in common - including their passion for people and Milwaukee. Don't be fooled by how serious they look in their pictures, there were roars of laughter, and even a round of applause during..

Top 3 Leadership Resources to Grow Your Business

I try to do as much reading, listening, and learning as possible to help me grow Filament. Often, friends and colleagues will ask me what I'm reading, so I decided to create a monthly quick list of my top 3 leadership resources. Enjoy!

Productivity, Time Management, and Making More Money

Recently, I pulled the Filament team together for a day of goal-setting for Q3. I recognize that I’m an aggressive goal-setter and expect a lot from my team, so I pushed them outside of their comfort zone.

Does Social Media Really Grow Your Business?

Consider the potential business you're missing out on in the social media world. According to Hubspot, “social media provides almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail or PPC.” 

That One Place - mindshine Round Table Discussion

Filament recently had the privilege of hosting a musician, a former cop, and an ultimate frisbee athlete for an outdoor evening of mindshine. In Milwaukee, WI, being outside, in the spring air - there is really nothing like it. Everyone & everything comes to life...

Master Internet Marketing For Your Small Business

Over the years, we've been able to observe what actions lead to the best online marketing results. Follow our simple tips below and you'll be on your way to mastering Internet marketing for your small business.

Fostering - mindshine Round Table Discussion

Our April mindshine guests dove right into the topic of Fostering - and, by golly, was it ever intense. Each guest chimed in with an interpretation that will leave you wishing you were at the table. Read on to hear what these amazing local fascinators had to say.

Making Sense of Social Media for your Business

When it comes to staying relevant, many of us know social media should be a part of our online strategy and yet - most businesses don't know which social media  platforms to spend their resources.

Death, Dying and Are You Living - mindshine Round Table Discussion

"Are you ready to play with the concept of Death, Dying & Are You Living?" This was the kick off question to Filament's March-themed mindshine. "It sounds like a great game of bar dice! Let's do it," our guests replied. Despite the light-heartedness, the topic was a..