imgp8087Here at Filament, we understand that networking is a key component to business growth.  Unfortunately, mingling and schmoozing with new people at networking events can often feel impersonal – or dare we say, phony?  So, we put our creative caps on and came up with new way of meeting business professionals and building important relationships.

mindshine is our way of connecting six fascinating strangers in a safe, respectful environment, and engaging in real conversations.  This October we kicked-off our inaugural event with red wine and a delicious dinner from our favorite caterer.  Conversations wove between aging, mental health, feminism, letting go, failure, the political climate, and the interpretive topic of the month: The Fear of Falling. Take time to meet the cast and hear what they had to say.

mindshine-Katy-CoreyKaty Corey, Filament's Director of Collaboration, avid gardener, cat-parent, maker of hand-drawn cards, music aficionado, and returned Peace Corps volunteer, hosted the group in her candlelit home.

“Like many, I attribute the fear of falling with the fear of failure.   I wish I would have allowed myself to fail at certain points in my life.   I look back and think, 'why did I take everything so seriously? why invest my health or energy when it didn’t bring value?  Giving in, giving up, might be the best thing to do every once in awhile.'”    

mindshine-Karen-SmithKaren Smith, violinst for 38-years with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, local artist, wine enthusiast and avid conversationalist, shared her interpretation on the subject:

"I'm terrified of heights, if we're just going to be a literalist.  As a professional musician, however, I’m expected to hit every single note.  I’d just love to fall into the music - without that fear of playing-off script - every once in awhile.”  

mindshine-kelly-andrew-kathleen-mcmanusKelly Andrew, Filament's Owner and Chief Ideas Officer, yoga enthusiast, #localbiz supporter, #stumpykitten parent, and talented chef stated:

"When you're a kid, you have little fear of falling - you run, you jump, you fall, and you get back up. As an adult, the consequences of falling (physically and metaphorically) seem so much greater. I wonder if they really are?”

Kathleen McManus, retired from a career in management at Miller Brewing Company, educated as a grief and bereavement counselor, passionate about family, yoga, and community, shared:

"What is the reason we take risks? As I've chosen to make changes throughout my life, I can consciously remember saying, 'so what is the worst that can happen? Step off the cliff.’  As I have gotten older, I question, 'is the reason out of love or out of fear?' And, I use that question a lot to judge the risk.” 

mindshine-EmilyEmily Burrows, community advocate working for the Wisconsin Humane Society Outreach Program and Impact 2-1-1, passionate about helping others and living purposefully, enjoys playing the cello, and proud fur-mamma had this to say on the fear of falling:

"I've been dissecting Kathleen's question, 'is it (the reason we take risks) out of love or out of fear?' as if they're two opposite things.  But, I think a lot of things that I have feared is because I love it.  And I think a lot of the things I love I've feared."

mindshine-Tiffany-HerreraTiffany Herrera, advocate for change in Milwaukee, dog-parent, frequent concert-goer, devoted Wisconsin Humane Society volunteer, who has agreed to take a permanent seat at the mindshine table, shared her thoughts:

“Despite a lot of insecurity growing up, I knew early on that I wasn’t going to fall into any category.  No one was going to tell me who to be or what to do.  I wasn't going to let anything or anyone stop me.”

mindshine-tablePart of what makes Filament stand apart is our ability to form strong, intimate relationships with people.  We care about our clients, and we care about our community, so we feel a great sense of pride in having opened the door to connection with fascinating, local do-gooders.

Sometimes it's important to sit at the table and hear other points of view. Thank you to our incredible guests for helping to make our first mindshine a success. We're eager to share the interpretations of Nature vs. Nurture from our November dinner - stay tuned for more interesting people and conversations from Filament and mindshine.


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Written by Filament on November 14,2016

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