This past December, six local possibilitarians were invited to mindshine on the topic of: That One SoundHere's a small glimpse into an evening of real connection, real women, and a real exchange of stories, ideas, and gregarious laughter.

Elaine That One Sound

"Anytime you ask me about 'that one sound,' I know exactly what it is," shared Elaine Maly, VP of Development & Operations for local non-profit TimeSlips. "I was a really young mom. I had kids when I was 18 and 22. The oldest got into skateboarding, really early. He was sponsored by the age of 14-years-old and now he’s 42 and writes for Thrasher Magazine in San Diego. So, for me it’s the sound of the slap of a skateboard on pavement. That means so much to me. That means warm weather is coming. That son is home. That sound makes it feel like its right with the world."

Dori That One SoundDori Zori, the Morning On-Air Host & Promotions Manager of Radio Milwaukee 88.9, stated,"It's the sound that a record makes. When I was a kid, there was a jukebox at my dad's. He'd let us play the 45's. From picking out the numbers, to flipping through and grabbing that record...and the moments it took before you started to hear the song you was very comforting...really exciting, too. And, when we lived with my grandparents, they had an old phonograph with the big heavy needle that you'd set down. My grandma always had records playing. That scratchiness was also very charming."

Steph Bartz That One SoundStephanie Bartz is a talented Milwaukee photographer capturing the stories of dogs, kids and grown-ups, and she thought of her mom when she first read about the topic. "There were tears,"Stephanie laughed. "My mom has always been this voice of reason in my life. I reach out to her because she is that one voice I really need to hear from time to time. The thing is, I just love voices in general. Hearing a voice on the other end or in person. It's a part of who people are." "Has your mom's voice always sounded the same to you?"asked Dori Zori. "That's a good question,"replied Stephanie. "Yeah...she has always had a voice of a strong woman. She listens. She's there. It's comforting."

Kelly That One SoundKelly Andrew, Filament’s Owner and Chief Ideas Officer, stated, "I was always a dancer, so I understood beat and sound, but it took me until my thirties to go to a gong bath at Tosa Yoga and understand vibration. It really moved me and it changed how I experience sound, especially at live concerts. It's about listening with your body. All of those dance lessons that I took in life, I controlled them. I learned routines. But, this was letting go of control and it changed everything. It changed how I hear and feel things."

Tiffany That One SoundTiffany Herrera, Pets For Life Volunteer and advocate for all-around equality, hosted us in her Wauwatosa home. "To me, this topic says: that one song. Music marks a place in time. You could put on the Doobie Brothers and I am 10-years-old cleaning the house. Or, I'm lying on the the desert...under the stars next to my best friend, now fiancé, listening to Arcade Fire. Or, when I hear Empire State of Mind I'm immediately with my friends and I think how, in this moment, I’ve never been happier."

Katy That One Sound"I'm currenly fascinated by the story, the screams of Kitty Genovese. But, to keep it light, I return to August of '06." Katy Corey, Filament's Director of Collaboration, was living in Pittsburgh at the time. "There was a horrendous heat wave - it was just the worst - and I was crabby. My husband, who was courting me, had driven 11 hours to the sound of Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie on repeat. The whole drive there,  it was that one sound/song that motivated him to - I don't know - sweep me off of my feet. When he arrived on my door step he was holding an air conditioner. I think I fell in love with him forever right then."

All in all, the evening resonated with feel-good vibrations. It was as if strangers melded into bosom buddies over a three-hour period. Stay tuned for tomorrow night's mindshine on the topic of: A Span of Seven Years. New strangers. New stories. New connections.

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Written by Filament on January 24,2017

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