Filament recently had the privilege of hosting a musician, a former cop, and an ultimate frisbee athlete for an outdoor evening of mindshine. In Milwaukee, WI, being outside, in the spring air - there is really nothing like it. Everyone & everything comes to life. And, when you've got a great theme to guide the evening's conversation, it's a bit magical. Check out what our guests had to say on the topic of: That One Place. 

Kelly That One PlaceKelly Andrew: My Friend Bethie

Filament President & CIO | Cat Mama | Talented Cook | mindshine host

"When I was 5-years old, we drove down to Florida to my Grandpa & Grandma's condo. It was so exciting. As we walked inside, however, I started screaming. There, in the mirror, was a little girl staring back at me. And, I had no idea she was my reflection. It took some time for everyone convince me that she was going to be my friend. I named her Bethie."

Katy: "At what point in your life did you realize Bethie was you?"

"I think a year went by. But, it initially freaked me out! I'm an only child. This was before school. I lived in the country. So seeing someone else of that size, not knowing she was my reflection, was scary. That condo in Florida is a place that was always very fun, and that mirrored wall will never be forgotten."

Jefrey That One PlaceJeff Albanese: Behind the Wheel of a Squad Car

Corporate Committee Support | Music Lover | mindshine guest

"As a former cop, being behind the wheel of a squad car is my 'one place.' All eyes are on you. You can feel it. It's an overwhelming sense of responsibility that you’re trusted with. It’s hard to put into words."

Kelly: "That is an awesome one place. I had no idea you were a cop!"

"It was my dream job. And, it's had the most impact on my life and continues to. Like the habits I still have – they're the weirdest. To this day, and this is 15-years ago, I can still feel my bullet proof vest when I'm driving. It’s like a phantom vest. And, there are other places, too. At Coachella. Sitting in the rain and listening to "Explosions in the Sky." Or being up north, in solitude, with no tv, no cell. Just nature and the sky. But, there's nothing like being behind the wheel of cop car."

Tif That One Place

Tiffany Herrera: Coachella

Senior Investigator | Humane Society Volunteer | Dog Mama | mindshine host

"My one place is Coachella. And for those who know me think, 'of course, that’s where your love story started, that’s where you got engaged,' but it's so much more. I’ve always believed that I was born in the wrong decade. I should have been born in the 60’s – Woodstock, protests, a place where it was free and with people. You could look around and think, 'I have no idea who you are, but we're having the exact same experience.' While there isn’t a lot of protesting at Coachella, there is Rock & Roll...and body paint...and people are free. Whatever is whatever."

Jeff: "Like you, I've been to many music festivals, and I think the general feeling is similar. Why Coachella?"

"I think any music festival gives me that sensation – but Coachella was the first. Each year I go back and every year people ask what it was like. I can’t explain it. All I know is that I am at my happiest when there, in that moment. Fortunately, I've found others who appreciate that moment just as much as I do. Sitting on the grass. Wandering through the crowd. Listening to music."

Chris That One PlaceChristopher Seidling: The Unknown

HR Coordinator | Cool Cat Dad | Ultimate Frisbee Player | mindshine guest

"Initially, I thought of a number of physical places. The Red Rocks. Being in bed in the morning with Kate. Or, South Dakota – in the Badlands – having vertigo standing on the edge of a cliff. But, I'm drawn to this one unknown place. It's more like a feeling or an untapped achievement, and I don't know if I'll get there. In a way, it's this crazy film strip running through my head. A dream. Sometimes, it’s this haunted house on the bluffs of Lake Michigan. I go there, in my mind, and watch the birds. I have a coffee or a beer. I just relax. Other times, I'm walking through a forest. Maybe it’s that song "Slip Slidin' Away" by Paul Simon. Because, when I get there, will I be able to acknowledge it? Will I still be on the search? Whatever it is, I'm afraid I'll always be chasing it."

Tiffany: "Part of me thinks you should be excited that you haven’t found that place. That you get to keep searching. That you pick up things along the way. Maybe you’re just too curious, so busy looking for something else, not necessarily better, but you’re just that curious."

"I’ve never thought about being excited about that feeling. It’s always been: why can’t I be happy where I am? You’re right. I should just embrace it, rather than fight it, get excited about it."

Caly That One Place1Caly Faoláin: A Collection of Moments.

Content Specialist | Bass Guitarist | Traveler | mindshine guest

"It’s a moment. A collection of moments. When time seems to stop and you realize how small you are in the world. It’s never planned. It just happens. I love that feeling so much. It’s just a part of life. And I know it will happen again. I can remember times when it happened in the past. Being 14, at the Boundary Waters, sitting on the island of this massive boulder. I slept on that boulder, with the galaxy above.  I felt so small. Or, being on a flight to Dublin, looking out at the clouds. They looked like castles in the sky, and I was just floating, kind of literally."

Kelly: "It's that recognition of being a tiny speck. And, yet, you feel part of something so big. So fortunate."

"Yes. And, I love that, wherever you go, you can develop a relationship with that place. A story develops. I had a relationship with Ireland - and still do. I can always go back there and feel like I know what the people and the atmosphere is like. I'm comfortable in my own skin there."

Katy that One PlaceKaty Corey: The Island of Refugees

Director of Collaboration, Filament | Gardener | mindshine host

"I was a sophomore in college. My parents were determined to take me to their favorite place, Medjugorje, Bosnia, where the sun spins in the sky and Catholic rosaries turn gold. My experience was completely upside down from what they'd expected. Meaning, they were on a mission to boost my faith, but something different happened. I remember going to a beautiful crystal-clear pond. I dove in into the water. It was so cold, yet welcoming. And, I swam out to a little island. This is where I met these young men, maybe boys. They spoke English. They told me how they lived in boxes, how they didn't have homes, and that they were children of the war. It was the first time in my life where I saw my privilege. And, like Caly, I realized the world was so much bigger."

Kelly: "Did you consider the Peace Corps before that?"

"No. This, in part, sparked joining the Peace Corps. I wanted to intimately know the earth outside of this territory. I wanted to be vulnerable. To explore. To be a Humanitarian. Medjugorje inspired that."

The evening closed with an appreciation for life experiences and an urgency to explore - to find or return to That One Place - wherever it might be. We thank our special guests for allowing us a chance to glimpse into those beautiful moments in time. Stay tuned for our next mindshine adventure, in which we bond over stories from That One Summer with a new cast of Milwaukee fascinators. Until then, shine on.

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Written by Filament on June 20,2017

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