Seven Deadly Sins.

Sloth. Pride. Greed. Gluttony. Lust. Envy. Wrath. This month we asked our Milwaukee fascinators to choose their deadly sin, from the seven deadly sins, and tell us about it. We celebrated Tiffany’s birthday with a departure from our usual surprise guest list, instead inviting a few close friends to share their thoughts on this intimate subject. You may be surprised by how this group interpreted the topic: Choose Your Deadly Sin.

Shonda-Scarborough-Filament-mindshineShonda Scarborough: Gluttony

Milwaukee-lover | Fun-seeker | Dancing machine

Things that give you pleasure, and you just need it all the time. Excess. Always looking for that pleasure and the happy moments of it. I can say that about drinking, about food, about entertainment…having fun. I’m on an ice cream kick. I’ll eat an entire pint in one sitting. It’s so good. Even when I go to the grocery store I feel like, ooooooh, which one am I going to get…I can’t wait! Part of me thinks I should feel bad about this. I don’t want to stop! That’s what gluttony is to me. It can be bad, it can have its consequences. You can become obsessive about it, in the sense that maybe you’re trying to fill yourself up with pleasure to avoid something else. I want to enjoy all the time!

Dawn-Huibregtse-Filament-mindshineDawn Huibregtse: Gluttony

Executive Director, Local First Milwaukee | Fashionista | Local-lover and advocate | Volunteer

I like stuff! Recently selling my home and moving to a new house has brought this out in me. I have a problem with dishes and dinnerware – I gave away 3 sets, and I still have 4! I like to entertain and have pretty place settings, and I love to decorate my house. That amount of stuff is gluttonous! But it makes me happy.

Dawn also brought a fascinating take on the seven deadly sins with a list of the modern social sins, which we spent some time discussing: Destroying the environment, genetic manipulation, obscene wealth, creating poverty, drug trafficking, immoral scientific experimentation, violation of the fundamental rights of human nature.

Gina-Vrtochnick-Filament-mindshineGina Vrtochnick: Envy

Fundraiser, Medical College of Wisconsin-Cancer Center| Sheboyganite | Music-lover

I have been pondering whether envy can actually be a good thing…something that makes you change, or strive for more as you grow. I’m a single Mom, and I’ve always supported my daughter and myself financially. I’d look at people around me who are going out, or traveling, and think about how I wish I could do that. Now I’m starting to feel like I could do that stuff, and it’s pushing me to change my own mind, and how I prioritize my life.


Tiffany Herrera: Envy

Native Milwaukeean | Neighborhood champion | Justice-seeker | Connector of good people

I don’t know if I believe in sin, per se. I like all of these! If I have to go with one, I'll say envy, because I do envy my friends with sisters. There's something special there, that I don't have. I know they don't always get along, but I'm envious of the deep relationships they have. I don't think this is a sin...maybe I'm not jealous, but in awe. Individually, they are all amazing, but together, they are a force.



Katy Corey: Pride

Director of Collaboration, Filament | Story-teller | Community-builder | Wine-lover

I was always the kid that got the lead in the musical in high school. I was used to it, and when I didn’t get a role that I tried out for, I convinced myself that the director was just taking pity on the other girl, and that I was actually the better actress. It took hurting her feelings and having the director call me out to make me realize that maybe these feelings and behaviors were my pride talking…not necessarily the truth.


Kelly-Andrew-Filament-mindshineKelly Andrew: Pride

Chief Ideas Officer, Filament | Non-profit supporter | Idea generator

Interesting that I’m following Katy and choosing the same sin…but my reasons are pretty different! I think pride has been something that has really hurt me through the years. I’m the kind of person who’s going to “do it myself” and “figure it out” if I’m struggling…I have a hard time asking for help. I hate looking weak, and my pride sometimes pins me in a corner…it’s pretty lonely there. I’m working on it.

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Written by Filament on August 10,2017

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