Hard to believe, but we've been hosting mindshine each month for a year.


And what a year it's been. We have so much gratitude for this experience:

For the people who agreed to attend with very little knowledge of what they were getting themselves into.

For the open, honest conversations which took place, and for the laughter and tears shed.

For an amazing opportunity to connect with people on a real level, and be reminded each month of how many people love our city and our community.

We've decided to put mindshine on hold for a while. While Tiffany, Katy, and I value this time spent with incredible people in open dialogue, we also know that not everything is meant to last forever. As expected, Filament has evolved in the last 12 months, and some of the time we dedicated to hosting mindshine will be used on other important work. Our goal remains the same: connect with people who are committed to making our community, and our local economy better.



Writing this feels bitter-sweet. Our conversations were real. Our connection was important. And now it's time to put our energy into something different. We encourage those who liked reading about mindshine to revisit the monthly topics, and host a phone-free dinner sometime. The conversations needn't stop, and we hope we've inspired some thought and reflection over these last 12 months.

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Hand Holding

Death, Dying, and Are You Living?


That One Place

That One Summer

Choose Your Deadly Sin

These Times They Are A Changin'

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Written by Filament on September 28,2017

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