Internet Marketing Tips

3 Branding Tips You Can Learn From the Game of Basketball

Here at Filament, we're feeling the March Madness fever.  And, as online marketers and content creators, we're starting to see some unique comparisons when it comes to branding and basketball.  In both business and sport, if you want to be a winning success,  you’ve..

Why Content Should Be The Foundation of Your Online Marketing Plan

Many prospects come to us asking for help with social media marketing. We absolutely believe in the power of social, yet we try to get each business to think, first, about the foundation of their online presence: their website. Now more than ever, original content..

Master Internet Marketing For Your Small Business

Over the years, we've been able to observe what actions lead to the best online marketing results. Follow our simple tips below and you'll be on your way to mastering Internet marketing for your small business.

How to Find Your Core Business Values

As you grow your business, it's a good idea to get clear what your core values are, and how you'll implement them into the culture you're building. Recently, Katy and I took at day to reflect and really talk about which core values we hold most dear, and how we want..

7 Behaviors Harming Your Business Reputation

Remember Dale Carnegie - the enthusiast with a mission to help professionals gain friends and influence people?  Most of his reputation building  techniques were really about basic manners, such as:

How to Integrate Your Values into Your Brand Communication Plan

Recently, I found myself sitting on a patio in Milwaukee with a pitcher of beer, chatting with some folks who I consider both friends and colleagues about our social media strategies for our businesses. The discussion went down a road that I think is paralyzing..

What Good Housekeeping Taught Me About Rebranding

I recently found myself at the makeup counter of a local drugstore, milling about while waiting on a friend. As I pawed through the impulse buy magazine rack I was struck by the cover of the most recent Good Housekeeping magazine. Find out below what lessons I found..

How to Use Wit To Define Your Business

I'm just now devouring my June issue of Fast Company, which happens to be the issue featuring the 100 Most Creative People in Business. (Amy Poehler on the cover? Yes, please!) I love this issue for many reasons:

4  Big Marketing Ideas for Small Brands

I recently read an article called "Lessons from 10 Amazing Marketing Campaigns" on The Big Idea Blog which inspired me and got me thinking about my small business customers. Here's my take on how we can apply some of these standout Internet marketing ideas to our own..