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12 Cool Milwaukee Leaders We Know Around Town

Nearly five years into Filament Communication, we take a look at some of the coolest Milwaukee leaders we've come to know. From a MacArthur Genius on a mission to reshape eldercare, to a neighborhood fitness guru, to a sharp eco-friendly florist, these are a few of..

5 Must-Listen Leadership Podcasts for the Lady-bosses

What's Your Favorite Lady-Leader Podcast? 

One of my favorite ways to grow as a leader is to listen to podcasts. The knowledge of those who've gone before me never ceases to enrich my professional life! But, a few months ago, I realized that as I was searching for..

4 Amazing Business Coaches + 1 Incredible Cause

Here at Filament, we believe in doing good in the community. We work hard to help our clients grow and build the local economy. And, we volunteer to support causes that we believe in. Right now, we're actively supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Man and..

3 More Leadership Resources to Maximize Your Business

Kelly here! With 2018 fast approaching, I've found myself focused on a higher-level vision for next year. By stepping back and approaching the big picture first, I should be able to set realistic growth goals for myself and Filament. Here are a few tools that I'm..

3 Leadership Resources to Help Grow Your Business

Kelly here! I'm slowing down and integrating more mindfulness into my life...or at least trying. I've been asking for podcast recommendations this month, so I've got a few new ones to share with you. I still find myself listening to a lot of business shows, yet,..

Leadership Resources That Will Make a Difference

Kelly here! I've got a few things on my mind this month, from being sick, to facing fear and remembering to CARE about the consumers we try to get in front of every day. I love learning, and sharing leadership resources, so my hope is that some of these will come in..

3 Leadership Resources You Must Know About

Kelly here! This month, I've found (and revisited) a few interesting leadership resources to help me stay focused, be a better leader, and grow my business. Happy to share!

Networking 101 - Grow Your Circle, Grow Your Business

Kelly here! In the last couple of years, I've taken on the role of "sales team" for Filament, and I've found that networking is my #1 referral source month after month. Interestingly, everyone that I talk to shares their distaste for having to go out and hit the..

Top 3 Leadership Resources to Grow Your Business

I try to do as much reading, listening, and learning as possible to help me grow Filament. Often, friends and colleagues will ask me what I'm reading, so I decided to create a monthly quick list of my top 3 leadership resources. Enjoy!

Productivity, Time Management, and Making More Money

Recently, I pulled the Filament team together for a day of goal-setting for Q3. I recognize that I’m an aggressive goal-setter and expect a lot from my team, so I pushed them outside of their comfort zone.

5 Ways To Build a Great Team For Your Company

Filament is committed to growing and creating sustainable, well-compensated jobs to support our local economy and community here in Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin. We’ve been working toward hiring our next employee for a while now, and are so pleased to..

How to Accomplish Your Short Term and Long Term Business Goals

One of the things I struggle with as a growth-focused business owner is how exactly to set short term and long term goals. As well as how to get my team to set goals that are cohesive with the overall vision of our company. Recently, I sat down with my coach, Rebecca

A Small Business Owner's Christmas List

Ah, Christmas. 'Tis the season for shopping, and parties, and gifting, and cheer, and if you're a small business're probably trying to finish Q4 strong, budget and plan for next year, and squeeze out enough time and energy to give appropriate thanks to..

30 Questions to Ask Yourself to Feel Gratitude

Ahhhh, November. The month of Thanksgiving. A time of change, of leaves falling, of daylight waning, full of preparation and anticipation for the holidays and a new year. It's also Filament's 3rd Anniversary, which makes us all warm and fuzzy, and inspired to share..

10 Lessons to Improve your Work-Life Balance As a Business Owner

50 Ways to Rekindle Your Creativity this Month

One of Filament's core values is creativity:

How S.M.A.R.T. Goals Can Grow Your Business

When you jump into owning your own business, time doesn't make sense anymore. When you're waiting on a check and your bank account is low, a few days feels like months. And then all of a sudden another quarter has passed, and you have no idea where those 90 days..

What do Meditation and Self-Regulation have to do with Business?

I am a believer in a purpose-filled life - I think people, books, and resources find me at exactly the right time to teach me what I need most. Two interesting interpretations of the same concept crossed my path today, which made me think it might be important - and..

5 Fun and Simple Ways to Keep Interpersonally Connected

Three TEDtalks That Make Us Feel a Little Bit Better About Life

In an effort to get more learning in, I've been focusing on multi-tasking - as I move my body on the treadmill, I'm using my TEDTalks app for entertainment. A few of my recent favorites may give a little bit too much insight into where my head is at - but I'm sure..

3 Ways to Create a Purpose-Driven Working Environment

Having managed volunteers and employees for several years, I recognized that people who felt a sense of purpose positively, unequivocally impacted the development of the organization.  Recruitment and retention rates were great, customer service scores were high,..

7 Ways to Improve Your Next Public Speaking Opportunity

We all know what it's like to sit through an ill-conceived presentation. The speaker begins five to ten minutes late. Technology isn't working quite right. You thought you'd signed up for a specific topic, but within a few minutes, you're confused or bored. You get..

3 Ways to Turn Around a Customer Service Fail

As business owners and managers, one of the worst things to experience is a customer service fail. We spend so much time (and energy, and passion) putting processes in place, training our staff, and developing our product that when a customer complains our first..

5 Steps to Regain Lost Productivity

Recently snowed-in with lingering deadlines and zero access to my life online, I had a minor melt-down.  As an over-achieving adult, a snow day doesn’t possess the same magic it once did as a kid – far from it.  Rather, a day unplugged was a gigantic inconvenience...

Top 10 Ways For a Leader to Stay Energized

The holidays are over, and we're in the full swing of the new year. Here at Filament, we've gone through the goal-setting process for 2016, and now we're running full-steam ahead: networking, client work, documenting processes, and converting prospects to clients..

Reinstating the Fundamentals of Time Management


Increase Genuine Connection to Beat Small Business Stress

As small business owners, we are encouraged to find ways to create balance in our lives, be our best selves and beat stress. Sometimes I want to throw up my arms and say "Forgeddaboudit." Stress is inevitable, and I continue to try to come to terms with the fact..

How to Use Business Connections and Your Time Wisely

Welcome to September! Real, post-Labor Day long weekend September... Back to school for the kids and back to the grindstone for us grown-ups. Summer hours have wound down and it's now time for all of us to refocus on business, whatever that means to us.

To inspired..

Our 5 Favorite Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Striking out on your own is hard. Many of us feel like failures most of the time, and when something great does happen, we're quick to forget it when the next challenge arises. Entrepreneurs face adversity every day, and wear many hats - but if you are one, you..

Four Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

As a entrepreneur, it is very easy for work to sneak into your personal life and vice versa. If you are still working from home, you may find yourself doing a load of laundry between conference calls or popping into your office at 10pm after the kids go to sleep.