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Milwaukee's Best Business Resources | The 2018 Filament Awards 

In the spirit of awards season, we’ve got some prestigious honors to hand out to some of our local peers. From wellness, to business coaching, to favorite caterer around, here is our list of the best Milwaukee business resources in town. Learn how these Milwaukee..

Networking 101 - Grow Your Circle, Grow Your Business

Kelly here! In the last couple of years, I've taken on the role of "sales team" for Filament, and I've found that networking is my #1 referral source month after month. Interestingly, everyone that I talk to shares their distaste for having to go out and hit the..

5 Ageless Must Read Marketing Tips From an 80-Year-Old

Yes, there was a time when marketing had an impact without social media and flashy websites – and, in many ways, it still should.  According to Florence Vanden Hogen, my 80-year-old-ish grandmother with a savvy business history, “Marketing is people.  It is..